HL-6 High-Speed

Food Skewer Machine

Garlic Machine
Garlic Separating Machine KM-1
Garlic Sorting Machine KM-3
Garlic Allium Peeler Machine HGS-3
Garlic Allium Peeler Machine HG-7
Garlic Allium Peeler Machine HG-7 (Abide by European Standard)
Garlic Allium Peeler Machine HGL
Skewer Machine
Eel Slice Skewer Machine HL-4
High Speed Food Skewer Machine HL-6
Semi-Automatic Food Skewer Machine HLS-1

Garlic Machine

Heng Li Machinery is a professional garlic machine manufacturer and supplier in Taiwan and provides garlic machine with high quality and competitive price to meet customer's needs.

Fresh garlic bulbs are separate into cloves by the Garlic separating machine. The Sorting machine separates the cloves and the garlic peeler machine peels the cloves. It comes with peeled garlic cloves (peeled garlic).

The whole process utilizes dry peeling technique and does not need water to process, thus guarantees the quality of the garlic clove.