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Eel Slice Skewer Machine HL-4

  • Eel Slice Skewer Machine, Automatic Food Skewer Machine
Model No.:HL-4
Payment Method: T.T or L/C
Min. Order: 1 set
Packaging: Wood Box
Delivery Time: 60 Days
Delivery Method: Ship or Air Transport
Shipping Terms: FOB, CIF

Product Description

With latest technology and on the spot experience, we brought out this machine. Its high efficiency and durability is highly valued.

Product Specifications

  • Size: L230cm x W92cm x H145cm.
  • Power: AC110V~220V / 50~60Hz.
  • Weight: Approximate 350KG.
  • Consumption: 1. 5A.
  • Material: stainless steel.
  • Skewer Used: Circle 3mm x 120~180mm (3or 4).
  • Speed of Processing: 1800/HR (Max.)
  • Distance of Skewer: 30, 35, 40 (mm).
  • Power Consumption: 1 set of 5HP air compressor.
  • Applications: Eel slice skewer. For eel skewer, it can process 3 or 4 skewers for your selection.
  • This acquisition several countries patent.

Product Features

  • Durable stainless steel, easy to maintain.
  • Patent meat presser, high efficiency, easy adjustable.
  • Patent skewer pusher, work precisely. Bad skewers automatically disposed.
  • Patent setter, easy to control.
  • Automatic program control, no need to adjust speed.
  • Size of eel slice is adjustable.
  • Tray automatically cleaning device, a safety cap stops in emergency.
  • User friendly, no breakdown.

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