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Garlic Allium Peeler Machine HG-7 (Abide by European Standard)

  • European Standard Garlic Allium Peeler Machine
Model No.:HG-7
Payment Method: T.T or L/C
Min. Order: 1 set
Packaging: Wood Box
Delivery Time: 60 Days
Delivery Method: Ship or Air Transport
Shipping Terms: FOB, CIF

Product Description

  • Peel garlic cloves to garlic bolts.
  • The garlic peeler machine is suitable for mass production factory to connect three or more units of machines for operation.
  • The garlic peeler machine has Auto Material In-feed and Storage Trove Device.
  • HG Series Applicatons:
    Optimal for produce the agriculture products, which have membrane such as garlic, onion, peanut, nucleolus, pine nut product.
  • Noted: Procedures matching with ways to calculate garlic
    The production of garlic machine KM-1 and KM-3 is 1000KG/HR, and HG-7 is 60-170KG/HR, a set of KM-1 and KM-3 works as well as 5 sets of HG-7.
    For example, your production 250KG/HR=250KG/HR divided by 100KG/HR (The production of HG-6)= 3 sets, which means you need 1 set of KM-1 and KM-3 and HG-7.

Product Specifications

  • Size: L95cm x W81cm x H195cm.
  • Power: 0.75~4 KW.
  • Production: 60~170 KG/HR.
  • Weight: Approximately 180KG.
  • Material: interior made of stainless steel.
  • Exhausting: 1150 L/Min(40.6CFM or 1.15M3/Min) and 8~9KG.
  • This machine is standard of CE.
  • This acquisition several countries patent.

Product Features

We don't have any agency, factory or distributor outside of Taiwan for making Garlic peeler machine. Also, the made up of machine is all in our factory which in Tainan, Taiwan for the whole process. Machines from any other person who professed to be our agency could be counterfeit. Attention, those machines strongly lack of key technology and know-how. It would have some serious shortcomings as following.

  1. Garlic would be damaged easily. The damage rate we required is nearly NIL.
  2. The peeling rate would be bad. Over 85% peeling rate for our machine is required.
  3. Machine could be breakdown easily and hard to find out the reason. We do have strict test for each component for our machine to make sure things we made can be used for over ten years.
  4. Guarantee for the quality and after-sale service won't be given if it is an imitation.

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