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Garlic Separating Machine KM-1

  • Garlic Separating Breaking Machine, Garlic Separating Machine
Model No.:KM-1
Payment Method: T.T or L/C
Min. Order: 1 set
Packaging: Wood Box
Delivery Time: 60 Days
Delivery Method: Ship or Air Transport
Shipping Terms: FOB, CIF

Product Description

  • The garlic separating breaking machine splits the garlic into pieces and then send to KM-3 Garlic Sorting Machine from climbing machine.
  • The garlic separating machine is applied the exclusively developed pressure adjustable method to ensure the integrate of the products. Besides it has high separating rate, ease of operation, it has very solid structure and high production rate.
  • Please refer to the catalogue for details of production output and horse power. This unit uses the roller which meet the international food health standard specification requirements.

Product Specifications

  • Size: L220cm x W108cm x H107cm.
  • Power: 2HP.
  • Production: 500~1000KG/HR.
  • Weight: Approximately 320KG.
  • Material: low machine rack, adjustable roller conformed to food standards with a stainless steel machine case.
  • This acquisition several countries patent.

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